Assign products to parent cateogry


I’m trying to do something but without luck at the moment. I have a category, let say phones and inside another category as child, let say accessories. This is a easy structure to create, the problem is I can’t assign any product to phones (it look like a folder), so I created a phones category inside phones:


This is working too but the url would be website/phones/phones and also this option appears twice in the menu. Is there any way to do this on shopware?

you could name the subcategory „devices“ or „smartphones“ or something similar

Hi NextMike,

Thank you for your answer. I can’t rename the category, that was just an example but with the real products can’t do that. Any other idea?

Take it as a general idea, it’s transferable to any structure. And no, you can’t assign products to category which has subcategories. You have to work on your structure.

Hey roberto,

We ran into the same issue and we found a compromise solution.

We created a sub-category called ‚all‘ inside the main category called ‚food‘. Now in our case we wanted the customer to get redirected to the ‚all‘ sub-category when the customer clicked on the main category point.

If that could do the job for you, I could explain the procedure to apply that, in detail.


Maybe it helps,

Max Konrad


Edit: You can easily just disable the option that the person sees the ‚all‘ category point in the menu by checking a box in the backend

or, wait, you could test this plugin:

with that you can mess around with the proper structure.

Thank you for your answers,

@NextMike‍ I’m going to test that plugin, as I can’t change the structure, in this particular case it’s not transferable as it’s very specific.

@maxkon‍ at the moment I’m using a similar solution, but instead adding the ‘all’ category as doesn’t make sense on my structure I’m using hidden categories. In your solution, do you have ‘all’ in the url?

Oh okey.

Well the name isn’t important so it might work.

Yes in my solution I have the all in the url. Though I am totally sure that you could hide that part with a little php script


You may also want to consider using the ‘properties’ to serve your needs. You could e.g. define a set ‘phones’ and another one ‘cameras’. Then for phones you could define a property ‘type’ with values ‘phones’, ‘cables’, ‘chargers’ etc.

Frontend-access to the properties is easy by using facets, but you could also mirror them by means of product-feed-based categories for access via a category tree.



Hi @vanwittlaer‍ I’ll give it a try but this seems to be a lot of work just for an ‘easy’ thing.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge guys!