Article Pre-selected variation

Hey guys :slight_smile:

Could you tell me if it’s possible to disable “pre-selected” variation? If I double click on variation and remove check it automatically select first on list.



you can use the „selection“ configurator for this:


Hello Daniel,

I was around that area in your screenshot, but the maximum I’ve done it was add and delete variants.

I mean at here :

Changing Preselection value. I can’t find the “property” for this behavior. Thats why i’ve asked if preselection is mandatory



there is alway a preselection, as technically it is required to form some kind of „full“ product representation. However, as shown in my screenshot from above, you can configure the configurator to not preselect any variant combination on the product detail page:

That way the user will be asked to select a variant, before he can add the product to the cart.