Analysis questions

Hello I have a few question regarding reporting.

When I download an excel file from the reporting the new users in the backend vs new customers in excel changes the fields into registrations and customers. How do these field correlate here?

Also in the analyics backend the customers who are new vs returning repeat rate not quite clear. Is this users and unique visits or is it something else? Also how is the repeat rate calculated?

What is the distinction between new and old customers? How long does the time period need to be in order for a customer to be considered old?

How can I track number of clients and unique clients over a period of time?

If I use Quick overview and Customer streams to view clients, they don’t seem to have the same amount of clients. Why is there a difference in users here?

Is there a definition list of the KPIs displayed the backend (does “orders” refer to unique client, does “visitors” refer to unique visits or total visits, etc…)

Also where can I find add to cart rate or abandon cart rate?

Where can I find an average order value over time?

Can I export basket contents overview and export data as CSV?

Thanks for any help that anyone can provide with these answers. I can also provide screenshots if needed.

Best regards,