Adding a custom CMS block


I am trying to make my own CMS block to be able to add dynamic content from the backend with the Shopping Experiences editor

I have followed all the instructions and I can’t make the editor show my block

No errors or anything, but is not there

Any suggestions?

It doesn’t work in my shop either. Have you tried using your own pictures?

Thanks for your reply 

I have tried but no change…

What is crazy is that if I clone and I install the one from the repo it works.

There problem is that there are no instructions to do /src/Resources/views/administration/index.html.twig

in here

Can somebody elaborate on this?

Did you ever find a solution for this? I am having the same problem, I thought the additional js and css files looks to be compiled by webpack, so did not add this.

Having the same problem here. Even installing the custom block from above github link doesn’t show it in my blocks in the experience builder … Any suggestions?

Would like to have an solution for this problem as well

„There problem is that there are no instructions to do /src/Resources/views/administration/index.html.twig“ this is certainly not the issue (as the filename is completely wrong and doesn’t fit the naming convention) and is somewhat solid evidence that you are not fully aware of the naming conventions of the folders/files.
Why not just use the cloned working example and just change the names according to your use case?
I’ve had a similar problem and in my case it was a „-text-“ declaration too much in the Vue.js namespace.