Add a product to the cart in the frontend for cypress testing

As i’m writing some tests for the checkout (planning to make some adjustments there and it’s quite important i don’t wreck the checkout). I kinda want to add a product to the frontend cart in a before or beforeEach hook. and i’m not quite sure if fixtures are meant for this.

anybody here who can help give me a pointer in wich direction to look?


I’m not sure if you still need help here, but I’d like to give a starting point to you either way - At least for other people who are searching. Even if fixtures aren’t the right thing per definition, we can achieve this by using commands in a similar way I think - as we use the Shopware API to create test data =  similar approach.

In our order fixture, we do a complete checkout API-wise which means we have to add products to the cart as interim stage. Maybe you can write an own command based on this fixture as a starting point.

Kind regards!