Adding out of stock products to a manuall order

Hi everybody, we have a lot of products in our shop but some of them are not active but can be ordered through the backend. (these are products that we only sell if asked) However, if we make a manuall order and we would like to add such a product through the backend, then we get an error ( Warning The product %s could not be found) . If we want to add this product, then we have put it on active, add the product in the order and then make it inactive again. A workaround that is pretty uncomfortable. Does anybody know how we can do this more efficient. We dont want these products to be visible in the storefront, or being indexed by Google or what so ever. Thanks, Rene

Do not assign the product to the storefront SalesChannel.

@abdullah thank you, however when we do this, then the product can be reached by URL. So when a client did an order for this specific product in the past, and he wants to re-order this, then he can use the url to reach the product again. And we dont want that of course.

normally if a product is not assigned to a saleschannel, then it should not be visible on the storefront. have you cleared the cache and rebuild the indizes?

@abdullah thank you for your help. When I set the product active and dont assign it to a channel, then it is not visible on the frontend. However If I dont assign the product to a saleschannel, then I can’t add it in the backend.