Adding Multiple Items To A Cart Via Our Showcase Site

Hello, everyone. I’m new here and hope I won’t be too annoying, but I do have a super quick question. I just inherited a client with this system and I’m supposed to do a re-design on their main product showcase site, NOT on their shopware site. But I want to do a configurator that on our site. This would mean once the user has configured their item and clicks BUY, I would need to send multiple product ID’s and add them to their shopware cart. Is this something you can do in Shopware 4 & 5? I think we are on 4 now, but I’d like to move to 5 in the future. Thanks so much for your help. I couldn’t find this in the documentation, but I’m not a hardcore dev so maybe I missed it. Sincerely, thebrownsquare

Hello, Shopware has has quite powerful API: more here However standard API does not cover basket functions. But you can just call url /checkout/addArticle/sAdd/[product\_code]/sQuantity/[ordered\_count] i.e. … Quantity/5

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