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Hello dear community,

unfortunately we are stuck and need your support.

Can you show us an example of how a setup with the Rule Builder works in terms of:

  1. Minimum quantity surcharge (Mindermengenzuschlag)
    If cart value <20€, then €5 surcharge<br />  
  2. Minimum order value (Mindestbestellwert)
    If cart value <20€, then display 'You need to have at least 20€ cart value to order'</li>

Thanks in advance!

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  • Moritz NaczenskiMoritz Naczenski AdministratorsComments: 9812 Received thanks: 2959 Member since: September 2013

    The rule builder only describes a customer with his cart and can't do any actions like surcharges or messages in the cart. There is no such functionality currently in the shopware core.

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