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no matter what settings i set, no emails are ever getting sent from my shopware 6 install.

I have tried SMTP settings ( which should work ) and no email is ever sent.

I have tried localhost, and nothing i sent.

the only thing i think it could possibly be is... the email templates.... i have read that each template needs to be assigned to a Sales Channel. and even in the docs, you can select a sales channel for an email template. But in my Email template editing page, i see no option to select a Sales Channel such as the docs. see screenshot below.

Is there a reason the setting option is not there for me? When i sent a test email from this page, it says the email could not be sent. but no reason why. The setting to select a sales channel is not there on any of the already created templates, or for new ones. It IS there for the header and footer templates tho.


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    The option is now in the Business Events module 

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