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I have a custom module with a new entry in the administration menu. A suboption of that menu should go directly to the plugin options. I expected something like this to work:


routes: {
    config: {
        component: 'sw-plugin-config',
        path: 'settings/:namespace',
        meta: {
            parentPath: 'sw.plugin.index'

        props: {
            namespace: 'MyPlugin',

navigation: [
        id: 'myplugin-config',
        label: 'Config',
        path: 'my.plugin.config',
        icon: 'default-object-lab-flask'

This throws the following error: "Encountered an error while loading the configuration:Bundle by name "undefined" not found."

It does work though when i'm on the plugin page and click the menu option .. so it seems there's some page param that is there on the plugin page that is not there on other pages.

maybe there's a way to just serve an absolute path? or something 

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    Hi Pascal,

    i have the same issue. Have you find out how it works?


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