How to add administration navigation entry for plugin module below existing settings entry?

With the official plugin examples, we created a new top level entry in the admin navigation, but that was rejected in the review process. How to find an example to intergrate into an existing default menu entry?

The example at Shopware 6: Step 7: New module in the administration has a position but no parent menu to use?

Either an example or the reference for Shopware.Module.register( name, { navigation }) or the navigation entry item used there, would be helpful.

Thanks to helpful advice in the new slack channel, we found the parent property in the source code of shopware core, as well as the id of the settings navigation link (sw-settings) .

    navigation: [{
        path: '',
        label: 'wao-io-cache-control.general.mainMenuItemGeneral',
        id: 'wao-io-cache-control',
        parent: 'sw-settings',