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Last step of shopware6 first run wizard is 'Verify your domain'. I am running it at http://localhost/shopware/sites/shopware1/public/

What should i enter into 'shop domain' ?

I tried nearly everything but it is showing me error

Verification failed
The domain could not be verified

errors: [{code: "FRAMEWORK__STORE_ERROR", status: "500", title: "Verification failed",…}]
0: {code: "FRAMEWORK__STORE_ERROR", status: "500", title: "Verification failed",…}
detail: "The domain could not be verified"
meta: {documentationLink: "shop-domain-verification-failed"}
status: "500"
title: "Verification failed"

In documentation is written

It should be noted that the domain entered here must already be externally accessible and that the web server must refer to the public-Directory within the Shopware 6 installation.

Any idea how to fix this ?


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