Unable to verify domain and install plugin for localhost

I have installed shopware on my local machine and hosted it locally on local-shopware.com. The installation is working fine, I am able to place the order on local installation. I am trying to install a plugin but the domain verification is failing.

I have created a sw-domain-hash.html file under the public folder and also able to access the sw-domain-hash.html file from local-shopware.com/sw-domain-hash.html. The url returns exact same expected string.

Is the reason behind domain verification failure is I have hosted it on localhost and it is not able to reach the url? If that’s the case how can I deploy and test the shopware. Currently, the shopware is running in a docker container.

Also, how can I install a plugin in local shopware, I am not able to see plugins developed by shopware AG in admin panel.


the file needs to be accessable from external to verify your domain.