Error while registering a shop (Testing environment)

We’ve set up a shopware 5.5.8 testing environment. This website blocks all traffic from outside the company network. Now i’m trying to register the shop so i can install some extensions, but i keep getting an error from shopware. Is this because the website blocks all traffic or is there another issue? 

I was asked to add this code:

I added this code in the correct file:

 to this file 

The code checks out, as i’ve compared the text with a tool. I do get the following error:

Kind regards, and already thank you for anyone that has an answer



 create a html file with the name ".be/sw-domain.....". copy the Hash Code "510...." into the html file and upload the file via ftp into the shop root directory.

@scriptfarm‍ this is exactly what i did and i can see the page with the code, but shopware still can’t confirm the registration. 

 Change tyour domain suffix, So "ssl" "www" with and without, just change and try

 example :



@scriptfarm‍ i’ve tried your suggestion, but when entering or in the domain field it gives me the error that this isn’t a valid web address.

I’ve also tried but this also doesn’t work for the verification.

I would think that i’d need to whitelist a certain ip address so it can access the page since this is a test environment, but I can’t find anything about this.


 contact the support, they verify the domain manually..