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Hi guys, I have to evaluate if our company could use shopware for our next shop project. We are normally a "Drupal 7-only" company but can't use it this time.

I searched the subreddit for opinions but couldn't find any. At first sight it looks like a really nice system. Its based on Slim and uses a lot of other nice features like Smarty, LESS etc.

 Does anybody here have experience with it? What are pitfalls? word counter VidMate Mobdro

I know about other options like Magento (didnt like it, used it in one project), Sylius (too new / too much extra work involved), Drupal commerce (lots of experience but doesn't play nice with the customers sofware) etc.

Thank you in advance.


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    Shopware is mainly based on Symfony, not Slim. Maybe you should also take a look at Shopware 6 which is definitely a big milestone - With Shopware 6 you'll use Twig, Sass etc. Pitfall: Shopware 6 isn't released yet for the public, but will be this month. However you can check out the dev preview: https://docs.shopware.com/en/shopware-platform-dev-en

    In my opinion: Shopware and especially Shopware 6 is one of the best open source systems on the market - Great source code, Symfony, Vue.js, Sass etc. are just a few features i really like in Shopware 6.

    For Shopware 5 in my opinion the biggest pitfall is ExtJs which is used for the backend and a few other things. So you're a bit limited in case of developing backend plugins / user interfaces for the plugins. And i think ( i might be wrong ) Shopware 5 is still mixed with the Zend Framework. But i am not 100% sure, they maybe switched 100% to Symfony. But - Still one of the best e-commerce open source systems in my opinion - I worked with several systems like Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Opencart, Prestashop etc. But Shopware 6 is by far the best :)

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