Why shipping cost miss in the Basket in Enlight_Controller_Action

Hi to all again!

I have another question - following the tutorial for plugin creation I have 2 classes in Fron/Controllers direcotry:

  • first one extends Shopware_Controllers_Frontend_Payment (PaymentExample by the tutorial). There I can get the basket info with $this->loadBasketFromSignature($signature). Here in the result I got all the information: amounts, taxes and shipping costs

  • in my second class (DemoPaymentProvider by the tutorial) who extends Enlight_Controller_Action, I can get the basket with Shopware()->Modules()->Basket()->sGetBasketData().

But in this result I got only amount and amount net. No shipping costs no full info about the taxes.

I use the second controller to show some kind of loading page, before redirect to the payment provider. Is there another way to get the complete basket info, or I get it in wrong place? May be I have to pass the info as GET parameters from first to the second controller?



PS - actually I found a solution:

$persister = $this->get(‘basket_persister’);
$data = $persister->load($this->Request()->getParam(‘signature’));

Best regards to all!

Let’s say this is resolved.