When will Shopware 6.0 Early Access be available in July, will there be a trial Professional ver?

Is there a specific date for when the Shopware 6.0 Early Access will be made available?

The roadmapmentions July 2019, is there a more specific timeline, or at least if it will be in the beginning, middle or end of July?

When the Early Access will be released, will there also be a trial version for the Shopware 6.0 Professional Edition?


Hello @dev_ht‍,

the release is scheduled for the middle of the month, but there is no specific date for it currently.

Since there was no trial for the shopware 5 professional at all, we won’t change anything with shopware 6 regarding this. There will be the possibility to get an individual demo installation for 30 days like you know it from shopware 5 to test all features of the professional.

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