Tiny slider css load

Hello everyone. 
I’m having an annoying issue with the shopping experiences, the tiny sliders to be exact. Once I reload the page, the css comes a bit too late on the slider elements, and everything breaks for a seccond untill it all comes back to normal. This could be an ugly sight in the production of the shop, so I wish someone could give me a hint how to solve this.

All the best and thank you

The CSS is still there, but the slider is rebuilded via JS later. In my case i just made a simple preloader to prevent this: The Loader stops until all JS Files are executed.

For example: https://medium.com/@kingrayhan/create-a-simple-preloader-with-jquery-c6efb03c7f23

Or try this: https://store.shopware.com/rhweb54237567232/preloader-ladeanimation.html

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