The contents of the (german) free text fields are automatically passed on to the (english) version

Hello There !,
I was wondering how i can prevent shopware from passing the values of the german „Free Text Fields“ to the english version of the shop.
e.g. if I go to Items/Overview choose an item and go to its Free text fields and type in
„attr1: Infotext für Deutche Kunden“ , Then maybe i dont want any english customers to have any text, shopware still takes the „attr1“ value and shows it in the english version of the website. How can I deactivate this ?.

Thanks for your time. :slight_smile:

with regards
Zy Othman

It is not about German, it is about the chosen system language. If there are no values for the alternative language, it will fall back to the system language.

I guess – not sure – you cannot. At least not in the backend.

Enter a blank value, if you do not want any text to be shown.

by a blank value do you mean „whitespace“ ? i tried it but shopware doesnt accept it, it will delete the blank value and put back the value of the system language attribute.

Try  , this is the HTML encoding for a (non-breakable) whitepace.

Cheers, Phil

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Thanks @phil i tried that yesterday as it works like html and it does work, but shop ownsers dont appreciate that :smiley: so i had to make it easier and find exactly where the translation is set, so i found the query in Shopware/Bundle/StorefrontBundle/Gateway/DBAL. in FieldHelper.php
Now i wonder how i can overwrite that query without destroying other stuff :smiley: but getting closer to my goal, if you have any suggestions i would be happy to see it.