SW 6; Add '"autoplay": true' to crossell slider?

Hi everyone

I’m new to Shopware, so i was wondering the following:

vendor/shopware/storefront/Resources/views/storefront/page/product-detail/cross-selling/tabs.html.twig has the following piece of code:

{% sw_include "@Storefront/storefront/element/cms-element-product-slider.html.twig" with {
    sliderConfig: config,
    element: {
        'data': {
        'products': {
            elements: item.getProducts()
    type: 'product-slider'
} only %}

And vendor/shopware/storefront/Resources/views/storefront/element/cms-element-product-slider.html.twig specifies the following:

    {% if sliderConfig.elMinWidth.value %}"productboxMinWidth": "{{ sliderConfig.elMinWidth.value }}",{% endif %}
    "slider": {
    "gutter": 30,
        "autoplayButtonOutput": false,
        "nav": false,
        "controls": {% if sliderConfig.navigation.value %}true{% else %}false{% endif %},
        {% if not sliderConfig.navigation.value %}"mouseDrag": true,{% endif %}
        "autoplay": {% if sliderConfig.rotate.value %}true{% else %}false{% endif %}

So i was wondering how to include ‚cms-element-product-slider.html.twig‘ in a way that autoplay would be defined to ‚true‘.

Any ideas would be highly appreciatted. 

A solution for this seem to be to extend tabs.html.twig and to adjust the configuration values of the slider