Shopware Variants dropdown listed. But not works when select item in dropdown

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Greetings, I have a new problem in my site. Variants are listing in the detail page. But when we select it does not redirect to correspoding variants. Please help to solve the problem . There is no jquery or javascript error’s found in the console. Please help me

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how are the variants linked? In older versions of Shopware, you had to do a POST request with the corresponding group / option IDs. In SW5 it is possible to just call the detail page with the „number“ get parameter. So you inspect, how the plugin(?) tries to link the variants - then one could see, why it fails.


Hello daniel.

 The AJAX call is not working. I removed the if condition and enabled the autosubmit in the dropdown it works. But I want it needs to work with AJAX. Plz help

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