Shopware not redirecting to shipping page - checkout issues


I have installed shopware in my local development server and intalled a demo plugin to list sample products. After i add products and create user, it is not redirecting to shipment/payment page.

If i check database, i can see that the user has been created. But  trying to login with that details, just reloads the page and not redirecting to account or shipping page

Whta could be the issue.  Any help much apreciated.


Thx Jijo

Can any one help me with this ?

If the server is not hosted in the Germany time zone, it will give the error you are referring to. To solve this you need to change the timezone in config.php make. Please refer to:

Just set your own timezone in config.php, and this error will be gone.

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Thx for the info.

I was able to fix it by increasing the timeout in login file