Shopware 6 not Taking EU and international sales

I was assessing Shopware 6 as a substitution for Magento 2. In any event, taking a gander at the paid release it does not have some genuine highlights. 

While the stage has a great deal of beneficial things going, the most significant part is what is holding it over from being a usable stage when you offer to more than one nation. 

The issue is obviously TAX. 

The assessment controls in Shopware 6 are essential and don’t cover all the cases you need when selling inside and outside EU. 

You can arrange a store that sells locally pretty effectively with fixed expense rates, however once you begin designing for zero duty rates for nations outside EU you run into serious issues. 

There likewise doesn’t appear to be an approach to arrangement charge rates for transportation costs which is strange. Perhaps I simply missed it. 

Ideally they can unravel these issues in 2020 and we are keen on this stage once more

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@EikeBrandtWarneke‍ Würdest Du auch hier bitte den Link entfernen… Danke.

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