Shopware 6 - Admin Order - Email Template - Add Signature


We are currently using Shopware 6 for our telesale business process. Selling through phone.

I am trying to customize the email template.

When a order is created by Admin, the order confirmation is sent to the customer, without any Admin details.

So what we want is to have Admin User full name and email address as signature.

So far I tried to use lot of variables.
In the logs, I get error like,
failed to render the email or
undefined variable or
trying to access attribute of null variable.

Can any one please help me to get admin user’s contact details?


As far as I can see from my variables in my System, there are no User Variables.

Which means you have to add the Name and Email manually in the mail Templates.

Send me your HTML, so I can take a look at it.

Thanks Daniel.

Is it possible to get logged in admin user, within the email template?

I am just using the normal Email template, shipped with shopware 6.


No you can’t sign in using the Email Template so don’t worry.

You might be able to write a script or similar that does the Work for you. But Shopware has not integrated such a feature.

You might open up a ticket and link the ticket link here, so Shopware sees the feature request, and we can up vote it.