Select multiple properties at once

Hi, i’m setting up a demo store and i’m trying to add some products with multiple options to choose from.

When creating variants with use of a property, you can only choose one property option at once. But i would like to have something like this:

Here you can select multiple options at once, the price would also stack up.

I have not found a way to replicate this in shopware (6). I tried a workaround, where i made a single property for every option with just ‘yes’ and ‘no’ property options. But this ofcourse is not the way it was meant to be used and it isn’t looking neat.

Besides this, a couple of issues, using the variant generator and filling in the price surcharge, when i give multiple properties a surcharge it only uses one. So if property 1 has a $200 surchage on the yes option and property 2 has a surchage of $800 on the yes option, it wil only work for option 2. Thus selecting yes on both properties results in only $800 instead of $1000.

One more thing, for every property i gave the yes option position 1 and the no option position 2, but it won’t show yes first for every property. Sometimes it is “Yes” then “No” and sometimes it is “No” then “Yes”.

This is more like the functionality that will be part of “Custom Products” which will be a feature of the professional edition (roughly at the beginning of Q4/2019). 


Hi Moritz, thanks for the reply,

i understand, but do you know why the surchage function of the variant generator isn’t working properly? It isn’t able to stack multiple surcharges on eachother, i fixed it for now by just manually typing each price but you can imagine that this is gonna be an issue when working with a lot of options.


And actually more important, the sequence of the options is not in the right order and i tried a lot of things (putting each position on ‘1’, or ordering them with 1,2,3,4, changing the kind of sorting, etc.), am i doing something wrong?



Hi Dylan, 

as Moritz already mentioned, those options would be something for Custom Products, which is available for the Professional and Enterprise Edition of Shopware.

Sorting should not be a problem as of rightnow, you can just go to “Storefront presentation” and then drag and drop them into the right sequence.

Kind regards,