first I want to say - I apologise if this German translation is poor, it is translated by Google Translate. I decided to post my question in the German forum instead of English, since it is way more active.

Ich habe die Frage, ob es in einer der nachsten Shopware-Versionen ein Repeater/Matrixfield geben wird. Gibt es Plane dazu?
Gibt es eine Alternative dazu wie eine Erweiterung fur SW6?

Hi jdroljc,

no worries!

But I don´t understand exactly what you mean: Repeater: you can duplicate e.g. blocks in the sales-experience (don´t know the english title), entities, rules… so that they are shown repeatedly.

You can build a matrix e.g. inside a block in the sales-experience, in “additional pricing”, in the rule-builder…

Here are some screens:

Products - additional pricing:


Inside “sales-experience”:

Shipping costs (using different rules):