Read shopping cart according to ItemId?

Hello everyone,

I have a subscriber for the Shopware_Modules_Basket_UpdateArticle_Start event .

Background: I would like to check the graduated prices every time the shopping cart is updated - these come from an external REST API.

The event provides 2 parameters, ID and quantity. The ID belongs to the respective shopping cart item,  how do I read it out now  (item, quantity, price, etc.)?

There is the sBasket :: sGetBasket () function, but how do I get there from my plugin?

I also looked at the two services shopware.cart.basket_helper and shopware.cart.basket_query_helper   , none of which return the shopping cart (by position).

Shopware () -> Modules () -> Basket () -> sGetBasket ()   leads to an error in the event discussed, presumably because it triggers the event itself.

How do you get here?

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Thank you,.