Product_number instead of Product ID API Stock Update HELP :(

Hi dear community, since I’ve burned the second day searching, trying and failing… :frowning:
Maybe someone can help me.

I understand the API to some extent. I have the following data from a daily generated feed:

product_number & stock

I would like to feed these daily via the API. I don’t have the ID’s in the feed, but I think I read (please don’t ask me where) that it would also be possible to update the products with the product_number as an identifier.

It’s all about inventory. Does anyone know how I should set up the request?

I owe you a massive thank you and am willing to honor it in the form of a digital coffee :grin:

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For updating any entity via the API you need the UUID.

I found a solution. Who is interested may consider writing a PN - it is too complicated to point it out here!


Hey there, I am looking for a solution to this problem aswell.

Somehow I am not able to send private messages (yet). Probably because I am a new member? Could you still provide your solution or get in touch with me, so that we could talk about it?

Anyway, greetings from germany!

What is a PN?

Anyway, I am in the process of writing, actually almost finished, in writing something that creates and updates products from our system in shop ware.

best regards,