Problem with Cache Clearing

Hi all,

I have been developing a theme with a Frosch profiler activated. Everything was working well (I have a profiler bottom bar, blocks are marked in the inspect of the html code, and the browser refresh with the clear cache for chrome extension meant that all the changes are visible after the click of a button).

However, from yesterday, the blocks are not showing in the inspect html code, and after any change in less file I have to clear cache with theme recompile from backend. That is the only way to see the changes. This behavior only applies when I make changes in less, when I change for example snippets or tpl files, the method I used previously without backend works just fine.

Config php and the backend part are configured properly from the start and everything was working as it should for a week, but now its somehow broken. Note that I still have frosch profiler working bottom bar along with available snippets on every page.

Thank you in advance for any insight


You need to disable the compiler caching in the theme manager in order to make less changes visible without generating the theme cache. But this will slow down the performance of the website. With compiler caching it is the default behaviour that you need to recompile the theme on every less change.