Problem installing Manual Install SW6

I am having a problem with manual install of SW6.

  1. upload SW6 to server
  2. extract
  3. start the install process
  4. System requirement: Check
  5. GTC: check
  6. Input Database info
  7. Installation: Completes 6 Installed (click next)
  8. Set Shop info: check (click next)

Result goes back to Database configuration and then the problem begin db errors and have start all over and the same thing happens, it’s an endless cycle of failed installations

what am I doing wrong

Hi Scott,

„2. extract“ means unzip? If so, do you unzip the zip with the same user(name) that is used by apache or nginx? If not you have to set the folder and files via chown to that user.

If it still does not work: usually Shopware can be installed within 30 minutes. For a small fee I can do this for you.

Thank you for getting back to me., yes unzip = extract. Cpanel labels it extract (not unzip)

The beta site is hosted with but I have manually installed SW6 on my hosting server without issue.

I do not know cyon, but Shopware does not need any special server settings. That is really odd. Does ist use Apache or nginx?

I just tried again on the hosting platform and the install goes well until I finalize the shop name login info etc and save it immediately goes back to database installation.

At that point I have to create a new DB and user and try again which is pointless because it will loop back to database configuration.


Sounds like some files are missing or not writeable.

I discovered the problem. Th installation did work the first time but seeing the process go back to database config was frustrating.

The fifth attempt is when I discovered that the install did happen. After clicking the done button the cycle loop back to database config. At this point I thought maybe it was BRAVE browser the problem.

Copied the URL and pasted into Chrome the result: the page displayed installation was already completed. Sure enough I when back to BRAVE bowser closed browser typed in the standard SW6 URL path and the login showed up.