Plugin priority in 5.2 plugin system

Is there a way to control plugin services call order like it was with an old subscribeEvent function? I need to modify data which is added by an old-fashined subscribtion call, I have found that it is subscribed to Enlight_Controller_Action_PostDispatch with priority 100, but my plugin, which subscribes via services.xml to the same event, is called before it. I have checked schema definition for service tag and there are no order or priority attributes.

You can use SubscriberInterface same way like for old plugin system.

You can create separate subscriber or subscribe events in core plugin file.

If I right understand your needs - that’s what you search.

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Yes, thank you, it actually is what I have looking for, upon closer examination of SubscriberInterface I have found syntax for subscribtion priority, which is

'eventName' => array('callback', priority),

so the question is answered, but strangely I am still unable to launch my subscribtion after Shopware_Plugins_Core_ControllerBase_Bootstrap plugin subscribtion, although core plugins should be executed before custom plugins. Oh well, I have already opted to select data I needed from database so it doesn’t matter now.