phpstorm live templates

mac os X

  1. Installed shopware with bitnami from download page

  2. installed phpstorm

  3. installed shopware, symfoni, php toolbox, php annotations plugins for phpstorm

I have tried to reindex, restart … but no matter what I do I cannot get the live templates to work.

Im trying to change config.php so that is more dev friendly. (following the udemy online course)

Any ideas to where I have messed up?


in the udemy course video, open the left side menu and there should be a settings.jar file. Download that and import it into PhpStorm (File -> Import settings). This should solve the problem.

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the live templates are not part of any plugin for PhpStorm. These can only be set in the settings.

Best regards from Schöppingen

cool Michael Telgmann

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