Override registration template

Hello, can anyone tip on how to override registration template address-personal-company.html.twig in a child theme?

We try to put it in a child theme using, it doesnt work:
{% sw_extends ‚@Storefront/storefront/component/address/address-personal-company.html.twig‘ %}

Though direct editing works, but we can’t do it for the safe updates surely.

Extending is not the same as overriding. If you extend, you have to add twig blocks. If you wish to override the whole file, then you do not need the sw_extends line.

Did you select the child theme for your sales channel?

Yes, child theme is activated and we clean the cache. We tried both extending and editing, but it only works via direct editing it in vendor directory. It looks like this is due to a plugin, that alters the same template.

Then do not extend the Storefront, extend the other Plugin.

{% sw_extends ‚@PluginFolderName/storefront/component/address/address-personal-company.html.twig‘ %}