Orders are not displaying in the backend

We are having a small issue with ShopWare that we cannot seem to solve. Recently we have added a new domain by cloning an existing shop. After installing 4.3 successfully we copied over the database, media files and template from the origional page. All went well and the page is up and running smoothly after one or two tweaks in the DB and deleting all the customer and order information. The one issue reaming is that new orders are not displaying in the backend! They are being saved to s_orders and are visible in the daily sales widget. Do you have any idea where the problem might be? Here are the tables we cleared: TRUNCATE s_user; TRUNCATE s_user_attributes; TRUNCATE s_user_billingaddress; TRUNCATE s_user_billingaddress_attributes; TRUNCATE s_user_debit; TRUNCATE s_user_shippingaddress; TRUNCATE s_user_shippingaddress_attributes; TRUNCATE s_order; TRUNCATE s_order_attributes; TRUNCATE s_order_basket; TRUNCATE s_order_basket_attributes; TRUNCATE s_order_billingaddress; TRUNCATE s_order_billingaddress_attributes; TRUNCATE s_order_comparisons; TRUNCATE s_order_details; TRUNCATE s_order_details_attributes; TRUNCATE s_order_documents; TRUNCATE s_order_documents_attributes; TRUNCATE s_order_esd; TRUNCATE s_order_history; TRUNCATE s_order_notes; TRUNCATE s_order_shippingaddress; TRUNCATE s_order_shippingaddress_attributes; TRUNCATE s_statistics_currentusers; TRUNCATE s_statistics_pool; TRUNCATE s_statistics_referer; TRUNCATE s_statistics_search; TRUNCATE s_statistics_visitors;

Hi, your ordernumbers are always 1 I think you deleted / truncated the database table with the numbers for invoices, orders and so on In the widget I see the ordernumbers with 1. Ordernumbers should be unique to display in the overview. Insert the table s_order_number from installbase and change the ordernumbers in s_order I think that’s the solution Sebastian INSERT INTO `s_order_number` (`id`, `number`, `name`, `desc`) VALUES (1, 20001, 'user', 'Kunden'), (920, 20000, 'invoice', 'Bestellungen'), (921, 20000, 'doc\_1', 'Lieferscheine'), (922, 20000, 'doc\_2', 'Gutschriften'), (924, 20000, 'doc\_0', 'Rechnungen'), (925, 10000, 'articleordernumber', 'Artikelbestellnummer '), (926, 10000, 'sSERVICE1', 'Service - 1'), (927, 10000, 'sSERVICE2', 'Service - 2'), (928, 110, 'blogordernumber', 'Blog - ID');

Wow thank you Sebastian, that solved the issue.