Modify Order values


I’m stumped in an error when I try to modify an existing order I get following error: ‚Value is not a valid UUID: undefined‘ or ‚Value is not a valid UUID: merge‘ when I try to save the modified order.

I looked in the files where the errors where thrown, but it didn’t help me at all.

Thanks in advance,
Any tips will be welcome.

To say it clearly, it can be done, but it is a hell of work. We started by tracing the change of an order in the backend.

The basic step are:

  • create a new version for the order
  • convert the order to a cart
  • make changes in the cart
  • recalc the cart
  • convert the cart back an order
  • merge the version back into the original version

good luck

So, these steps are the steps done by the Shopware framework on modifying an existing order?

Because about not being able to modify an existing order, it’s a general thing? Or do we have something wrong with our configuration?
Because in Shopware 5 we didn’t have any issues in modifying an existing order, but since the migration, it has been impossible.


right this is way how the API works. this changed from 5 to 6. The architeture is completly different.