Matrix Pricing / Table Pricing


I am working on a project which we need to display pricing according to user input measurements. 

Measurements includes, width & heigh and between 100-2800mm width & 100 - 1200MM height. 

We have a set price like: Width 200-400MM  and Height 700-780mm Price is $150.

So customer can put any number according to like these measurements. 

I can see in Magento have a plugin, but i coundt find like this in Shopware, could you please let me know how i can achive this. 

Any help will be much appriciated.  

Hi, you can use item variants to create options with different prices for an item. Variants will be available as selection on the product page, for example size selection here. You can create groups in variants configuration for width and height and fill them with options which will specify interval like the ones you wrote and then shopware will generate variants for each combination of them, for which one you will be able to set price and stock. If you require more complex configuration there is also a premium plugin which as far as I know allows to input exact sizes, you can check it on demoshop.

Thank you for your reply. 

This custom item plugin doesnt have this option i have tried this. And variation option just work with defined numbers / measurements i need something in between if someone choose between any specific number like between 100 to 500 then price show the same. 

i can see magento have a plugin for this here is the example solution which is i am looking in shopware.

Thank you anyway.