Product configurator and price calculation

Hello everyone!

I am new Shopware user/plugin developer. I am building javascript product configurator that lets the user run a „wizard“ style js component. This component takes input information from user, checks some rules on that input and in the end estimates/calculates price to the user - based on user input.

Now I need to push that „custom“ product to cart with the collected user data and calculate exact price on the server/shopware side.

Can I push data collected from user to Shopware as some custom field?

I tried to make plugin to listen to event: BeforeLineItemAddedEvent, thinking that I can access the user collected data that is send to cart via POST, but can’t find it.

I tried to follow the documentation guides „Change price of items in cart“ - but I cant figure out how to change price only for the special „configured“ object or how can I send or access my collected user data.

Thank you for reading and possibly suggesting a hint or solution direction.