Login in Shopware Account and session expired straight away

if I try to LogIn to the Shopware Account to install an extention for example, as soon as I log in I get the confirmation message and then it kicks me out straight away giving me a message of session expired.
What could the problem be? How can I solve it?

I leave a screenshot of what happens as well.

I have the same problem. Shopware Version ist

I have installed the commercial plugin via composer and would now like to log in with my Shopware account to activate the plugin. I have stored the licence host as described in the documentation. But I have the same error behaviour as described above. There is also no error in the logs.

The shop I am working with is also on the same version

Usually there is an individual error code in the JavaScript response. What does it say?

POST https://phonetastik.de/api/_action/store/checklogin?language=en-GB 403 (Forbidden)

This is the error in console

Can you login on account.shopware.com with your credentials?

Shopware had some issues end of last week with their system, but that should be resolved by now.

Unfortunately we are having this issue since more than a week.
Yes I can log in account.shopware.com. The problem is logging in from the extension panel, as soon as I log into the account from there it gives me the login confirmation and then a session expired error and I’m out again.
I contacted Shopware support and they suggested to upgrade to version because they thought it was a bug of the other version, but after updating the problem is still there… Don’t know what else to do.

There should be a text in the JavaScript response. I am not talking about the status. Maybe you can figure out what the problem with that response.

Did you use the administrator account to log in?

Has there been any solution to this question? We are facing the very same issue with the very same Shopware version.

you can try out the following steps:

  1. Disable & Uninstall Shopware Commercial
  2. Logout your Account at My Extensions > Shopware Account
  3. Login to your Account at My Extensions > Shopware Account
  4. Install & Activate Shopware Commercial
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