Login admin Firefox not working

I’ve installed a new instance of Shopware6, after setup wizard I get a blank page for the admin login. Could not find any solutions for this, so gave up a fews week ago.

Just installed sync to my phone and opened the admin url to test, and it works. Somehow there is a bug with opening the adminpage on Firefox 100.0.2 64-bit. Works fine with Edge!

Hoping for a quick fix!

Edit; typo

It is the same with Safari. Just reload the page or change the URL to /admin and usually it works.

That topic caught my attention for its importance, so i had to test it and the behavior you described is really weird.

I’m using firefox v101.0 (64-bit) on Mac, and it seems normal!

Maybe some fixes has occurred in this version.

Still no luck here, updated FF to the new 101.0 64bit for Windows.

I am also used to that behaviour. (White page after backend login.)
Just wait for a or trigger a reload.

Thanks for the message, after running all the setup in Edge, I’m now able to see the pages in FF.
Not working normal, needs many refresh.

Anyone else with this behaviour?

Can this be an memory issue?

It was the same with Safari. I guess it is more a JavaScript/Cache issue, but I am not sure. It is not about the memory.

just tested with FF, Chrome and Edge…

after a action (like save) > spinner shows > refresh takes about 6 sec!.. > base lay out shows… still loading page (3 sec) > page ready.

Okay, that’s something different. That is a memory/CPU issue. I had a shared hosting, and the memory 1024 MB was not the problem, it was the shared CPU that slowed down everything.