Login admin Firefox not working

I’ve installed a new instance of Shopware6, after setup wizard I get a blank page for the admin login. Could not find any solutions for this, so gave up a fews week ago.

Just installed sync to my phone and opened the admin url to test, and it works. Somehow there is a bug with opening the adminpage on Firefox 100.0.2 64-bit. Works fine with Edge!

Hoping for a quick fix!

Edit; typo

It is the same with Safari. Just reload the page or change the URL to /admin and usually it works.

That topic caught my attention for its importance, so i had to test it and the behavior you described is really weird.

I’m using firefox v101.0 (64-bit) on Mac, and it seems normal!

Maybe some fixes has occurred in this version.

Still no luck here, updated FF to the new 101.0 64bit for Windows.

I am also used to that behaviour. (White page after backend login.)
Just wait for a or trigger a reload.

Thanks for the message, after running all the setup in Edge, I’m now able to see the pages in FF.
Not working normal, needs many refresh.