link to another file

Hello guys, i’m new to shopware and i’m having some problems.

I have a submit button and I want to change the action url but whatever url I put there it gives me a controller error, and i don’t know were is the controller to modify it.


Can someone help?

Hey bogdanvoodo,

do you want to call a controller from the backend or from the frontend?
Maybe you can give us a explicit example of what you want to do :wink:

Simon :wink:

I managed to put a link to a button to go to an external page with a payment method, but i dont know how to deliver the amount from the site to the external page.

And another think, I dont know how to make a new controller



If you have no idea - my advise is to use existing payment-method plugins.

You are dealing with serious securtiy issues and must have a decent knowledge about shopware’s structure to implement a secure shopware payment plugin!