Licensing problem

Hi all,

I have a free plugin but Shopware 5 backend is reporting that my licence is expired. There is no licence in the licence list nor in the Shopware account. Can someone explain how can I prevent this message?


What plugin?


have you bought the plugin on If it is a plugin you can buy on our store, the plugin manager checks the technical plugin name. If there is noch plugin registred from the store in you account, you get this message. 

Every time a plugin is available in the store and you use it in your installation, you need this plugin in your shopware account. Then it’s correct licensed



Thank you for the answer. The thing is that I have developed my own plugin, I have uploaded it over to the client’s server via FTP and installed it. After a couple of monts of use I fot the licence error:

Licence(s) of 1 plugin(s) are invalid. Open account

I have checked the account and there is nothing about my plugin whatsoever.

Any suggestions?