Issues with Postman, The JWT string must have two dots

I’m trying to get a post request with postman but, I get the following error message:



    „errors“: [


            „code“: „9“,

            „status“: „401“,

            „title“: „The resource owner or authorization server denied the request.“,

            „detail“: „The JWT string must have two dots“





For the authentication I’m using the „Access key ID“ and „Secret access key“ under setting -> integration -> add integration (Shopware 6).


And in Postman I’m adding the ID and Secret key under „Auth“ -> „AWS Signature“ (Postman v7.23.0).


I already saw this post, but it doesnt help. Do I use the right token? If not, where can I find the right token for postman?

In Shopware go to Setting

Integrations -> Add Integration

In Postman the Grant Type is Client Credentials

Access Token URL looks like this

Access key ID is in Postman the Client ID

Secret access key is in Postman the Client Secret