Is there a way for Shopping Experience Height/Width Customization and grid view?

In Shopware 5 you were free to customize the height/width of shopping world elements, and arrange them in any greed that you want. It seems that it is not possible in Showpare 6. Then how couuld you stack 5 images side by side, or have as many elements in one row as you want ?

We recently released a simple column plugin where you can just drag & drop your columns blocks. Then you can replace the element simply by an image element.

 grid / column CMS block elements | Shopping Experiences | Extensions | Shopware Community Store

So there is no way to do this even in Shopware 6 enterprice version ?

@ShapeAndShift‍ It seems that even with your plugin you cannot choose all the elements for alignment.

@davit_sargsyan‍ The “grid” works differently in shopware 6 than within 5.

Otherwise i don’t get your statement “you cannot choose all the elements for alignment”