Internal 500 error when rooting to /shopware/public - trying to open page with ip address

Hi - I’ve installed Shopware 6, and when I put the ServerName from the shopware.conf in the browser shopware opens fine.

What I want to achieve is that when I put my ip address in, it opens to the shopware page. The reason for this is I want to open this from a 2nd VM using just the ip address for now.
(( I can ping and connect to the ip address - that is working fine.))

The default appache .conf file, when the DocRoot is set to /var/www/html/test will open the index.html in that Dir, but when set to /var/www/html/shopware/public - it brings a 500 internal server error.

When the default is left as default, with the ip address I get the apache default.

Apache is working fine, I feel like I’ve narrowed it down to the shopware directories, and either the .htaccess needs changing, or the index.php in the /shopware/public dir is preventing this.

I’ve been all through the forums and I can’t find any answer. I’ve changed the permissions from the directories to 755, files to 644.

If anyone can help, that would be amazing.

thanks in advnace

I’ve got the same issue on Shopware 6 where I can’t access the storefront from an IP address.

I’ve installed Shopware using Dockware, where the admin panel works fine, but the storefront doesn’t.


Is this a problem in Shopware 6?

I had the docker installation but had the same problem, you need to be looking to how to contact the container IP but I couldn’t figure it out.

So I went for an installation without docker yet I’m still stuck.

I’ve opened an issue on Github: Storefront not accessible trough IP in Shopware 6 · Issue #1475 · shopware/platform · GitHub

Hopefully there’s a quicker reply on there about how to resolve this issue; feel free to add details of your problem in the comments there.

I’m pretty sure with your issue though, is that its less with Shopware - and more to not being able to access the docker containers ip address outside of your local environment with out some work-around.

As told in the Github Issue you need to add your (servers) IP address as a Sales Channel. Shopware does only show up on URLs which are definied as a Sales Channel. All other URLs throw 500 at you.

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