Install without samples?

Is it possible to install version 6 without sample products or orders? Locally using MAMP.


Yes, this is the default mode without using the dummydata import feature of the Shopware 6 installer.

Thanks Jonas!
I did later realised that I was a bit inexplicit in my question (sorry). I will create my custom theme for my own store - so I cloned the Github repo with all the samples.

Coming from Magento 1 and Prestashop, Shopware is like fresh air in the morning.

/ Magnus

Instead of php psh.phar install use php psh.phar init then the demodata won’t be generated.

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Great! Thanks Moritz. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you use Production Template:
bin/console system:install --basic-setup


and if i need to install via bin/setup ? is it the way how can i do with it?