I am looking for my shopware nameservers


I am changing domain name. I will add new dns in my domain account. This is similar to ns1 and ns 2, to point to my shopware account.
My question is; Where do I find my nameservers on either Mittwald, Shopware account or my store backend?

If I shall not point the nameservers to my Shopware, then how am I suppose to change the domain?

I am very greatful for all leads!

Didn’t notice that this Post is actually 11 Months old, lol

I’m not quite sure if I get what you really want.
Nameservers are changed from the provider you bought it from.

As example, you buy your domain at Namecheap, but want to manage your domain on Cloudflare, you would want to use Cloudflare nameservers and put them into Namecheap DNS /nameserver settings.

Shopware itself doesn’t manage that.

To move your domain, you can see this documentation: