Http-Cache ConflictingHeadersException

 Hello guys, We have some strange errors and can't figure out what is problem, maybe someone had such exception and can describe what can be reason of such thing: 'The request has both a trusted Forwarded header and a trusted Client IP header, conflicting with each other with regards to the originating IP addresses of the request. This is the result of a misconfiguration. You should either configure your proxy only to send one of these headers, or configure Symfony to distrust one of them.

Sometimes we have this error several times a day, sometimes within a week we do not have such errors.

I’m not sure, but maybe it’s related our server configuration - we use nGinx for static resources and Apache for php. So nGinx in our case like proxy before Apache, should we set IP of our server like trusted proxy or it isn’t related to our issues?

Also some time we got such problem:

 Error when rendering "https://XXXX/?action=shopMenu&controller=index&module=widgets" (Status code is 503).

I could not trace in which case this problem appears, the problem is solved by itself after a while. Either after clearing the cache.

I will be grateful for any help or reflection on the possible reasons for this behavior.

Look here if you find any hints: Shopware 5 performance guide for system administrators


Thank you for suggestion, but this isn’t really our case.

Shopware handled by Apache server, only static sources goes through nGinx.