How to upload registered customers to Shopware

Is there a way to upload registered customers to Shopware, so they can login to the new site the same as they did to old site?

Old Site … Shopware 5, wordpress …?

Hello. Thanks for your reply. We just migrated to Shopware 6. People are trying to log in with their old credentials from the old site and they obviously can’t. So we thought is there a way to import registered user to Shopware 6. Thanks again.

Which platform did you use before?

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I believe it was wordpress.

Do not think that you can import encrypted passwords, except the encryption process is the same.

That makes sense. We have customers asking why they can’t login on a new site and I want to give them a reasonable explanation to register again. Thanks a lot.

They do not have to register again. Just use the Forgot password function.

If you change the Controller, you can even send this e-mail after attempting to login for the first time.

Thanks, Max. I am not sure I follow. I am not a developer. I am merely a digital marketeer. So I have no clue how to change the Controller and how Forgot password function actually works.

As I said we migrated to Shopware 6 last Monday. From probably WordPress. Registered customers are trying to log in, but of course, their credentials don’t work. Do customers just type in their email and follow prebuilt instructions or does something need to be set up first?

I am only asking here because our developers are pretty unresponsive and I am trying to be as progressive as possible.

If customers were imported, too, try