How to set the currency in the Add Product step

I wish to enter the base price of a product in GBP not Euro.

I have set the default currency in the Sales Channel to GBP, yet when it asks for the product price there is only the option to have it in Euros.

I tried to delete the Euro currency but it said it was in use - not by me!

The minimal documentation on the subject says the the „standard currency“ is set on installation and cannot subsequently be changed. Where is this secret step located?

The bitnami AWS installation creates the database before you have a chance to set the defaults. So, to answer my question, you need to:

rm /home/bitnami/apps/shopware/htdocs/install.lock
mysql -u root -p
drop database bitnami_shopware;
create database bitnami_shopware;

and rerun the installation which will set up the database again and THEN ask you what the default language and currency is.

All a bit opaque what…