how to pull those values out so I can assign them to a variable?


I am completely new to this and looking for help. I have a select listbox in a form, and each item has two pieces of information, a name and an email address. I remember something about having the value of the something like “name, email” on submittal, I have some functions that need to pull out the email that was Selected, and the name has been added to the email body. Can anyone assign them to a resource? I’ve checked ASP progamming explainer videos  but no amount of Googling has helped me find an answer!

Any help wants to be appreciated.

Thank you.

The listbox contains a number of entries which all got their own value. Once you submitted the form you should be able to access the selected items from the listbox just like any other variable that’s been sent by the form. If the value contains both, name and email, then you can divide those two using the following

$newVar = explode(",",[yourVariable]);
$Name = $newVar[0];
$eMail = $newVar[1];

If you use a list that allows multiple selects you may want to put that in a loop.